Occupation of the public domain

In its capacity as manager, the Syndicat Mixte de l’Aéroport de Saint-Etienne Loire may authorize third parties to occupy the public domain at Saint-Etienne Airport Loire within the framework provided for by the Code. General of the Property of Public Persons (CG3P).

This occupation is subject to the issuance of a title (L.2122-1 CG3P).

A temporary occupation

It should be remembered that the occupation or use of the public domain can only be temporary (L.2122-2 CG3P) and that the authorization is precarious and revocable (L.2122-3 CG3P).

As from the entry into force of ordinance n ° 2017-562 of April 19, 2017, for occupations with a view to the economic exploitation of the domain, this title must in principle be awarded “after a prior selection procedure presenting all guarantees of impartiality and transparency, and including publicity measures allowing potential candidates to come forward ”freely organized by the Syndicat Mixte, in accordance with article L.2122-1-1 CG3P.

Various exceptions and derogations to this principle, as well as certain methods of its implementation are also provided for (L.2122-1-1 and following of the CG3P)

As useful details

Occupations of the public domain which are not intended to operate economically on the domain are not subject to the provisions of article L.2122-1-1 of the CG3P. They can be allocated by mutual agreement by the Syndicat Mixte.

As soon as a person expresses a spontaneous interest, if it has an economic aspect, an advertisement will be issued in order to arouse any other competing expression of interest (art L.2122-1-4 of the CG3.P). It should be remembered that, in this case as in the others, except in the case where the Syndicat Mixte decides otherwise, it is the very occupation of the public domain and not the activity of which it is the support which is the object of the selection. In addition, the candidate having expressed a spontaneous interest, takes note that because of the call for competition, he may not be granted the occupation permit of which he is at the initiative.

This Internet page is intended to constitute a central medium for publicity measures, in addition to which, if necessary, other publicity media will be added, and will allow any interested person to come forward to the Syndicat Mixte, whether this event is spontaneous, or as part of a procedure launched by the Syndicat Mixte.

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